Terms and Conditions

When you are signing up with us, the process completes only when you agree to our Terms and Conditions, which include our limitations, liabilities, warranties, etc.


The words and terms used in the agreements are defined as follows:

  1. “the Website” means the CDL Recruitments’ website
  2. “You” means job seekers registered with us
  3. CDL Recruitments reserves the right to modify, terminate, or cancel any web feature or database, or content in any manner.


3.1 You understand and acknowledge:

  1. That the Website is intended towards introducing you to the recruiters through its application process.
  2. That you shall act in good faith and in a professional way, and
  3. That you will keep all the recruiter details shared with you during the interaction process strictly confidential
  4. That we require collecting you personal and professional details, including the information about your current employer and the package you receive

3.2 You will not be charged anything for accessing the website.

3.3 By agreeing to our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions, you allow the website to contact you for any reason if felt necessary.

3.4 To avoid using anything against the Website or the services and facilities it offers

3.5 When you share the asked information with us, you should confirm:

  1. the information shared on the Website is accurate
  2. that you are not into breaching this Agreement


4.1 You confirm that:

  1. When you post anything on the website, you shall abide by the specified guidelines
  2. All details submitted from your end for application will be read by us
  3. The details shared and posted on our website will remain with us until you request for its removal or is removed by us

4.2 To improve the visit to the Website or market the services it supplies, you allow that we may use statistical information that might directly or indirectly connected to you. You also will have no issues if the website contacts you via telephone, email, or other modes of communication.


5.1 You shall never misinterpret the information posted by you on the Website

5.2 You confirm you shall not post or share or transmit any material on the Website that might contain a virus or any other computer program that harms it.

5.3 Any breach of the above two conditions will lead to direct termination of the Agreement without any prior notice to you.


6.1 You agree to not connect with any of the following activities:

  1. the provision of recruitment facilities
  2. any unlawful activity

6.2 Any breach of 6.1 will lead to direct termination of the Agreement without any prior notice to you.


7.1 The Website and its services do not offer a warranty of any kind. It brings the recruiters and job seekers together and leaves the rest on them.

7.2 You understand that we shall not be liable to you under this Agreement for any job vacancy being filled by another candidate introduced to recruiters via the website.

7.3 You acknowledge that the website in no way guarantees an interview call or a promise of you being hired by the recruiters associated with us.

7.4 You agree that we shall not be liable for any information provided by you for the website getting mis-interpreted.


8.1 We may terminate this contract by either giving you 7-day notice or maybe without notifying you beforehand in a few instances.

8.2 This Agreement may get terminated by CDL Recruitments with immediate notice if:

  1. you are found violating the terms mentioned in 3.5, 5.1, 5.2, 6.2
  2. If you use the website for any negative purposes and intend to damage the reputation of it in any manner.


The information contained in this website, including trademarks, logos, contents, software, or any other material subject to the intellectual property rights exclusively belongs to us and has not been taken or copied from anywhere else. The Website tolerates no copying of the materials for business or communal use.