Privacy Policy

At CDL Recruitments, we understand that you trust us with all your information and you also don’t want any tampering with the data that you share with us. To ensure the same, we have come up with a set of privacy policies.


As soon as a visitor is on our website, the IP address of the system gets registered on our servers. Your IP address, however, does not reveal anything apart from the numbers assigned to you. This tracking from our end is not intended towards extracting any personal details against your knowledge or will. Also, the information gathered is not used by us for any purpose rather than helping us monitor the traffic on our website or assist law enforcement bodies in a legal investigation.

We, at CDL Recruitments, accept that we also collect data from different social media platforms that you might use in connection with the site.


We use your information only for filtering job opportunities for you based on your qualification and areas of expertise. Personal information, especially your contact details are shared with the recruiters so that they can connect with you if you are found suitable for the openings they have. We promise not to sell or share your personal information with any third-party or affiliate without your consent.


We use tracking codes, including Google Analytics, Adwords, and Facebook Pixels. It helps us to track user behavior while they are browsing through the website. Those data are stored with an identification number for the user session and IP addresses. This allows CDL Recruitments to assess the user flow and improve user experience. However, personal information and user data are kept highly confidential.


We do use several different cookies on our site. Most web browsers are already set up to accept cookies. In case not, you can reset your browser accordingly and get notified whenever a cookie is being sent. If you are not ready to accept the cookies and opt to delete or disable them, some of the features on our site might become inaccessible to you. The cookies could be:


These are the cookies that are sent by the website you are on currently.


These are cookies that are set on the machine by external websites whose services remain directly or indirectly connected with the website you are browsing. These are the ones that enter your system via the sharing buttons features across the site, including those that ask you to share content on different social media websites.